Oat Stovies - Chocolate Coconut

Oat Stovies - Chocolate Coconut

10 Original (Chocolate/Coconut)

Ingredients: Oats, Molasses, Walnuts, Sunflower seeds, Coconut, Chocolate, Raisins, Canola oil, Eggs, Brown sugar, Salt, Vanilla flavor

Contains: Eggs, Milk, Tree Nuts

The Origin Of The Stovie
"In 1804, Thomas Masson, a young Scottish sea captain, invented a sweet & savory snack to ward off rickets and scurvy on long passages. Cooked on the galley stove like pancakes, 'Oat Stovies' quickly became a favorite among sea-faring Scots

Two centuries later, we dusted off the old family recipe and started baking Oat Stovies for hometown hikers and early-morning commuters. We quickly outgrew our parents' kitchen, but we'll never outgrow our commitment to locally hand-crafted deliciousness

So whether you're sipping coffee, or summiting another peak, we hope Oat Stovies become your favorite snack for life's journey."

— Margaret, Beatrice, Marion, and Eugenia
(the great, great, great, great, granddaughters of Capt. Thomas Masson)

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